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brixxbox makes application development faster, more customized and cheaper.
With the graphical user interface of brixxbox you create modern, cloud-based applications brick by brick. From a simple web form via AddOns to existing systems to a full-blown ERP system - it's easy.


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What exactly is brixxbox?


brixxbox is a so-called low-code platform: a software construction kit with a lot of graphics and less code. In contrast to classic text-based development environments, programming in brixxbox is done primarily using graphical methods.

Simple applications can be developed easily via Drag-and-drop. And even for complex enterprise applications such as CRM and ERP systems, basic knowledge of JavaScript and SQL is sufficient. In short: With brixxbox, laymen become application developers - and your development itself becomes faster, more efficient and more flexible.


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Why is it worth it?


Application development with brixxbox has many advantages: Thanks to the low barrier to entry, for example, pretty much any IT consultant or project manager can become a developer if needed. This way, you make yourself independent of specialized programmers - no matter whether in your own company or at your partners.

In addition, with brixxbox you break free from the shackles of any standard software: Thanks to the flexible modular principle, your applications are just as individual as the purposes for which they are created. This is how you achieve complete process coverage without special programming and subsystems!


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What else can brixxbox do?



Thanks to cloud technology, your applications on brixxbox basis are always up-to-date and therefore secure. Of course, your data is encrypted and secured behind a firewall on Microsoft servers.



brixxbox applications grow with your needs: Whether your workflows become more complex, your data volumes increase, or you want to add thousands of users - or all at once.



Various interfaces enable mutual data exchange between your brixxbox and other applications: including both rest and third-party APIs as well as direct services such as the DATEV transfer.

From small to enterprise

For whom is brixxbox suitable?


In principle, brixxbox is suitable for all those companies that want to quickly and easily digitize any business processes - or are already doing so and want to leave the disadvantages of previous solutions behind: For example, the incomplete process coverage by standard software or the high development costs of classically programmed individual software. Thereby brixxbox is equally suitable as a development environment and application construction kit for freelancers, IT system houses and IT departments.

As far as developers are concerned, the basic requirements are a grounded IT affinity and a healthy degree of understanding of processes and data models. When developing complex applications such as ERP systems, one cannot avoid getting started with the scripting and database languages JavaScript and SQL, but the following applies: With brixxbox, almost every IT-savvy person is able to acquire the necessary understanding of these comparatively simple languages. In particular, those who have already created complex Excel spreadsheets with macros are usually quickly able to develop even complex applications with brixxbox.

The types of applications that can be implemented with brixxbox are almost unlimited: Measured by the typical degree of complexity, brixxbox solutions can be roughly classified into three categories:

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What do partners and customers say about brixxbox?

Jan Wokittel
"Compared to known large competitors, brixxbox offers a fair price-performance ratio. Especially for small and medium-sized companies, brixxbox is very well suited. The cooperation runs very well and the system is stable."
Jan Wokittel
4check AG | CEO

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