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App Development with a Citizen Developer

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Endless feature requests, time-consuming updates, inflexible software systems – these are just a few of the challenges that IT departments often face when implementing IT projects in cooperation with standard software manufacturers. brixxbox as an Enterprise Business Application Platform offers good opportunities to have small and large applications implemented in one’s own company by the so-called Citizen Developer. 

In order to replace manual, paper-based processes and thus drive digital transformation, companies need a variety of business applications. The IT department is under increasing pressure to respond quickly to numerous application requests and changing requirements. At the same time, the capacities of professional software developers are always in short supply. Many companies are therefore increasingly turning to so-called Citizen Developers in their own companies.

Citizen developers are technically skilled employees who, despite their lack of programming knowledge, are enabled to create business applications independently with the help of tools such as low-code platforms. IT department employees know the processes and requirements within their department and the entire company and are therefore predestined to develop context-relevant software solutions. With the Low Code Business Application Platform, they are given the opportunity to design processes independently in collaboration with the business departments and without a software vendor – even without programming skills. A Citizen Developer offers the great advantage of an “outside perspective” that professional developers often lack. He knows what is important to users in applications who have no or at least no in-depth IT knowledge. With a high level of acceptance of the solution, companies also achieve an improved understanding of processes and digitization among the workforce.

Maximilian Limburg, BPV GmbHMaximilian Limburg, Head of Purchasing & Logistics at BPV GmbH, Citizen Developer & intensive user of brixxbox: 

“As a telecommunications service provider with high individual service standards, we were looking for a software that could optimally map our demanding processes. We can now serve our customers even more individually!”






How qualified do the IT affinity and process understanding have to be? 

Experience in IT does not have to be a given from the start, although of course any experience makes it easier to get started. However, a basic understanding of data models is essential. If the person has already created more complex Excel spreadsheets, perhaps even macros, or has advanced knowledge of an ERP program, this makes it much easier to get started, especially for more complex applications. If basic knowledge of SQL or JavaScript is available in advance, the basis is already completely in place on the IT side. These are widely used standard languages for which there is a large amount of good learning material and forums for exchange online. In addition, JavaScript does not have to be used in complete depth, but with a few means you can already achieve a lot. The brixxbox JavaScript is enriched with special brixxbox functions to simplify things, so that the Cititzen developer can concentrate on his business logic. Whoever masters “if, then, else” can already act very flexibly in the brixxbox and achieve an incredible amount.

The far more important prerequisite for application development as a Citizen Developer is process understanding. This must already be present at the beginning of the use of low-code platforms. Low-code platforms offer a high degree of flexibility coupled with clear structural specifications. All a Citizen Developer has to do is feed the platform with his customized process. This must be clearly known to him so that an application not only looks nice, but also offers an optimal workflow and high usability.

kanan cehavirKaan Cehavir, Vice Chairman of AS-KA-DO e.V., Citizen Developer: 

“With brixxbox, we have created an app with which all club activities can be organized by the club members. It’s hard to believe what is possible with brixxbox.”







Develop business applications of any scale as a Citizen Developer with the low-code platform brixxbox. 

Whether it is a matter of small applications as a seamless addition to the existing IT infrastructure or the complete replacement of business software with a self-configured ERP system: With the Low Code Platform brixxbox, Citizen Developers are empowered to independently develop business applications of any type.

Business applications are thus no longer laboriously programmed manually, but configured step by step with a kind of modular system. The Business Application Platform brixxbox is popular among users primarily for the extensive possibilities of application development: Many competitor solutions reach their limits at a certain point – with the brixxbox, on the other hand, even highly complex ERP systems with machine connection can be realized.



Current studies also confirm that app development with citizen developers is becoming increasingly important. Market researchers at Gartner predict that by 2024, two-thirds of all applications will be created using low-code platforms. In order to keep up with digitization and the ongoing shortage of IT specialists, companies would do well to address this issue.


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App Development with a Citizen Developer


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