AddOn applications with brixxbox

Extend established software at will


You know this: You or your customers are actually satisfied with the existing software solution. Actually! If it weren't for one or the other process that just can't be mapped. But a complete change to another solution is not an option, a special adaptation is too lengthy, too expensive - or both. The solution? You already guessed it: add-on applications with brixxbox, that extend your established solution! Applications for special purposes that are in constant exchange with existing solutions. This way, all processes are covered, all data is always at the same level - and everyone involved is satisfied. Completely without "actually".

Extension instead of new building

examples of AddOn applications

When software reaches its limits and replacement is not an option, the necessary processes are often outsourced to Office applications such as Excel or Access. This results in makeshift solutions that no one is really happy with.

Similarly easy to implement as an Excel solution, but significantly more efficient and secure are add-on applications based on brixxbox: these dock onto existing tools via interfaces and expand them with the desired functions. This way, your data always remains synchronized, up-to-date, and secure. Possible use cases for this are for example ...

  • additional services of the existing solutions
  • Replacement of shadow IT
  • Mobile data acquisition

Boundary blasting made easy

Three reasons for brixxbox-based extensions



A large part of the development with brixxbox is done using graphical methods via drag-and-drop. Many add-on applications can even be completely implemented this way. And if it does have to be code, you benefit from the simplified brixxbox language that can be understood by any IT-savvy user.



One of the most crucial differences between a makeshift solution with Excel and an add-on application based on brixxbox: Main and add-on application can communicate with each other via different interfaces (APIs). This way, your data is not only continuously and everywhere on the same level - you are also significantly more secure.



When you realize your add-on applications with brixxbox, your data is encrypted in the Microsoft Azure cloud - behind a firewall and in its own database. In addition, you can track any changes to your data and undo them if necessary. Try that with Excel.

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