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Project implementation: 4check AG

The project was implemented by the Brixxbox partner 4check AG. 

Brixxbox Use Case: Small

The Brixxbox use cases are generally divided into three areas, depending on the requirement level.


Designing processes digitally


Making daily work more digital is the mission of Swiss 4-check AG. The company therefore develops solutions to make the digital transformation of companies and processes a reality.


For 99food GmbH, 4-check was looking for a flexible and scalable way to develop a price comparison portal for purchasing prices in the meat industry. 99food GmbH has set itself the goal of providing more market transparency: the aim is to map a benchmark for goods in order to be able to constantly improve its own purchasing conditions.

What needed to be solved?

brixxbox requirements

Brixxbox Solutions Partner, 4-check AG, offered an individual all-round concept and will use the Business Application Platform brixxbox to map the comprehensive requirements of the online service provider 99food GmbH.
By using brixxbox as the basis for the implementation of the project, which started in May 2021, the company hopes to replace complex and costly in-house developments in the front-end and back-end areas.

The comparison portal for the meat industry implemented with the brixxbox should accomplish the following:


Anonymized data collection

and subsequent processing (numerical and graphical)

Evaluations and reporting

individualized and user-specific customizable at any time


Logo background and color design of brixxbox

User management

What did it have to be able to do?

Reasons for choosing Brixxbox

The reasons for selecting Brixxbox as the business application platform for implementing the customer's project are clear for Jan Wokittel, Managing Director of 4-check AG:

"brixxbox offers a fair price/performance ratio in contrast to well-known large competitors. Especially for SMEs, brixxbox is very well suited and meets the demand for a low-code platform. So far, the cooperation is going very well and the system is running stable - we are excited about the implementation of the project."

Especially for SMEs, brixxbox is very well suited.
Jan Wokittel


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