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With our self-developed low-code platform we create customized business solutions up to CRM or ERP systems.

Based on a suitable industry template, we discuss your desired processes and then create them individually tailored to your company.

With the help of agile methodologies and our low-code platform, we are thus faster, more individual and more cost-effective than classic IT solutions. 

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Using low-code to create a flexible CRM and ERP system

What are the advantages?


Thanks to the flexible modular principle, your applications are just as individual as the purposes for which they are created. This way you achieve the desired process coverage without special programming!

Central advantages are e.g:

  • Multi-client capability
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Multi-Language (automatic translation!)
  • Connection of peripheral devices, e.g:
    • MDE/BDE data entry devices 
    • Price labeler
    • Scales
    • Scanner
    • RFID reader
    • Label-Printer
  • Roll & rights down to field level
  • Industry features:
    • Unit concepts 
    • Batch management
    • Lot numbers
    • NVE/ SSCC
    • Serial numbers
  • Standard interfaces, e.g:
    • Connection FIBU
    • EDI converter connection
    • Connection to Web-Shop
    • Connection to logistics service provider (UPS/DHL...)
  • Singel sign-on
  • Integrated archive
  • Integrated Chat
  • Email & SMS integration

Independent, complete, brixxbox.

Central key features of our low-code platform:

The low-code platform 'brixxbox' is based on innovative and current technologies. We offer our customers the opportunity to experience "digitization" in a completely new way.

In addition, we offer the following key features as standard:

  • modern design
  • cloud-based web application
    • responsive layout
  • dedicated hosting on demand
  • integrated MS-SQL database
    • on-premise data storage possible
  • Automatic data backup
  • Support for all major mobile and desktop browsers
  • REST API & interfaces to third-party systems
  • Customized reports & dashboards
  • Fast customization thanks to low-code
  • Short project duration thanks to low-code
  • Short familiarization, high acceptance

Replacement of the classic ERP project methodology

Efficient implementation thanks to low code

Did you know that low-code brings your company numerous advantages?

The possibility of direct interaction between consultant (Citizen-Developer) and customer allow to eliminate the time-consuming and costly steps that classically accompany IT projects.


From small to enterprise

The right solution for every customer!

Basically, brixxbox is suitable for all those companies that want to digitize quickly and easily any business processes - or are already doing so and want to leave the disadvantages of previous solutions behind:

  • classically programmed systems are still widespread
  • major adaptations take a long time, are costly and have to fit in with the overall solution
  • there is often only one compromise solution for the customer!
  • brixxbox: agile implementation and short project duration

With brixxbox you get full process coverage and agile implementation at a fair price!