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brixxbox for IT solution provider


For IT solution provider, brixxbox means independence above all: With the low-code construction kit, you no longer have to rely on someone else to integrate the desired functions in time when developing and updating business applications. You simply do it yourself! This means that you not only reach your goal faster, but can also implement customer requests directly exactly as they are intended. And you also do something good for your sales figures.

No more standard software

Full independence


Gone are the days when you had to rely on the support of a software manufacturer: With brixxbox, you now realize business applications yourself - without external developers or professional programmers. In fact, it is as easy as it sounds: Thanks to the graphical building block principle, you can even complete many work steps simply by drag-and-drop! And even complex applications such as ERP systems are no problem: You can even acquire the necessary basic knowledge of JavaScript and SQL quite easily along the way! The motto: "Lots of graphics, little code!"

Implementing instead of briefing

Maximum customer satisfaction


With brixxbox, you reduce the number of project participants to the necessary minimum: consultant and customer. Finally, you implement processes and functions yourself - exactly as your customer wants them. This enables you to get from the customer's request to the exact business application without any detours. And instead of frustration caused by endless correction loops and additional programming, you get more customer satisfaction and potential follow-up orders. Extensions and updates can be created just as easily and quickly as the main program. The customer likes that!


More than commission

Flexible sales increase


The plus in independence and autonomy logically leads to greater sales potential: With brixxbox, you can also fulfill customer requests that were previously not possible - for example, because the standard software used was too rigid or a customization would have been too costly. This results in stronger customer loyalty and enables your customers to think bigger and more individually: If more is possible, more will be ordered! And you only pay for the basic brixxbox licenses: The revenue for consulting and implementation remains 100% with you.



Despite the gain in speed and accessibility, all options remain open to you: Whether the processes become more complex or your application needs to accommodate more data and users - with brixxbox you will meet your customers' requirements!



Do not worry about the safety: All data is encrypted behind a firewall on Microsoft servers and is multiple secured. In addition, you can easily undo any change to your application.



brixxbox applications do not have to be self-contained systems: Various interfaces enable data exchange with other applications: including both rest and third-party APIs as well as direct services such as the DATEV transfer.

experience brixxbox for yourself

Demonstration and consultation - free of charge


All this sounds too good to be true? We would be happy to convince you personally of the possibilities and advantages of application development with brixxbox - in a free online demonstration with consultation.