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With brixxbox ERP Low-Code Platform for ERP-Systems, even laymen become application developers -
and professionals develop faster, more efficiently and more flexibly!

The unique modular principle of brixxbox makes it possible: With the help of a graphical user interface, you put together exactly the application modules you need. This is how modern, highly individual applications are created in record time.

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Like a big box full of clamping bricks

That's how brixxbox works


(ERP-)Application development with brixxbox Low-Code Platform is mainly done using graphical methods - for example, you can easily design the user interface using drag-and-drop. Logic comes into play via the simplified brixxbox language: This is basically based on JavaScript and can be understood by anyone with some IT affinity. Add to this a healthy amount of process understanding, and the foundation for application development with brixxbox is already laid.

In technical jargon, by the way, this principle is referred to as "low-code development": You work mainly with prefabricated code modules and plug them together via a graphical user interface. In this way, you can even implement complex applications such as ERP, ERP, and CRM systems without being an expert in a complicated programming language. After all, the brixxbox construction kit already provides you with all the building blocks you need to develop modern applications - you just have to put them together.

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Applications that thrill

Why brixxbox is worthwhile for you


Basically, application development with brixxbox means that you make yourself independent of standard software: Thus, you develop applications that inspire - because they 100% meet the requirements that you or your customers have set. With brixxbox, you can fulfill customization requests directly and without compromise. After all, you can map processes and functions exactly as you need them - without the superfluous ballast that standardized software inevitably brings with it. However, this does not mean that your application is isolated: Various interfaces enable the mutual exchange of data between your brixxbox application and other software.

Depending on your individual situation, there are also additional, specific advantages. Discover the advantages of brixxbox ...

brixxbox is your express train towards independence: With brixxbox you realize applications directly with your customers - without involving a programmer. Additional programming and frustration due to eternal correction loops are also a thing of the past for you, because from now on you map processes and functions exactly according to the requirements of your customers. This results in less support effort due to ambiguities - after all, your customers get exactly what they want with your applications. Thus, development with brixxbox not only ensures stronger customer relationships, but also a significantly larger margin. Especially important if your customers stay (they will!) and grow: Extensions and updates can be created with brixxbox just as easily and efficiently as the original version.

Goodbye, shadow IT! If your company relies on brixxbox for the development of applications, you as an IT department will benefit twice: On the one hand, the development is faster because you save yourself the manual programming. On the other hand, you also enable other departments to participate in the development - that's how accessible brixxbox is! No more outsourcing processes and data to Excel or Access. In its place is collaborative collaboration with brixxbox. The advantages are obvious: Problematic dependencies are eliminated, as is the constant importing and exporting of data. Thanks to clever rights management via user roles, each user only sees and does what they are supposed to see and are allowed to edit. And it goes even further: Since brixxbox no longer requires a skilled programmer for every customization, you eliminate personnel bottlenecks and avoid knowledge silos. Gone are the days when only the code authors themselves really understand the written program!

Whether you're a programmer or an IT consultant: "Time is money" is more than a hackneyed saying for freelancers. If you achieve the same result with less time, you work more efficiently and have more time for other things - be it more customers or more free time. With brixxbox, you achieve exactly that: As a programmer, you save yourself millions of lines of handwritten code and reach your goal significantly faster thanks to the modular principle. The same applies to IT consultants, who usually don't program themselves, but rather send the customer's wishes to a programmer or software company: from now on, you can save yourself this detour, because with brixxbox you become a developer yourself. You implement customer requests directly and completely - without time-consuming briefings, correction loops and dependence on third parties.


Functions that matter

What brixxbox makes your life easier


The application builder with graphical user interface may be the core, but brixxbox can do a lot more! In addition to an integrated document archive, support for multilingualism and interfaces to other systems, brixxbox also comes with a number of functions that are primarily designed to make your work as convenient as possible:


The brixxbox framework

With brixxbox, it's straight down to the nitty-gritty: Since brixxbox comes with quite a few functionalities out of the box, users can start developing applications without any detours. No manual setup of the workspace is necessary.


No compilation

Time saving is capitalized when working with brixxbox: Applications created with brixxbox do not require compilation - as soon as you have saved your work, the program can be used in the most current version!


Version management

You can learn from mistakes - but you don't have to carry them around forever. At least not with brixxbox: You can track all changes made and undo them if you wish. This also applies to the data in the finished application: Every change is documented with time and originator.


User and rights management

In brixxbox applications, you assign read and write permissions on the basis of user groups or individually for individual users - down to the smallest detail, if desired. This way, each user only sees exactly what he needs for his work. You can also easily invite new users via e-mail.




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Facts that convince

What else is included


As the only tool of its kind, brixxbox offers solutions for application areas of ALL sizes. No matter if it should be a small, stand-alone application, an add-on solution or an enterprise application - brixxbox makes it possible! In the following, you will learn which facts speak for application development with brixxbox.



brixxbox relies on state-of-the-art, future-oriented technologies such as the ASP.NET Core Framework as well as SQL databases and cloud computing from Microsoft.



brixxbox and applications created with it are cloud-based progressive web apps that can be used device-independently. On-premise is also possible if desired.



Your applications get their own firewall-protected database in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Your data is encrypted, of course. Hybrid data storage via other cloud providers or on-premises is also possible.



Your brixxbox applications can communicate with other systems via various interfaces such as rest or third-party APIs. This includes direct services such as accounting transfers.



Thanks to automatic translation, your brixxbox applications are directly multilingual! Of course, nothing stands in the way of manually fine-tuning the translations.



For maximum accessibility, you will find help for all brixxbox functions directly in the development environment - in the form of explanations, examples and videos.

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