brixxbox NEVO (ERP/ Business Software): Visitor management

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Withbrixxbox (ERP/ Business Software) "visitor management", you have an overview of your company's visitors at all times. By using visitor management software, you can streamline the entire process and ensure that every visitor is accounted for and their visit goes smoothly. It is a valuable tool for any company that wants to stay organized and improve communication.


brixxbox ERP/ Business Software:  Visitor management

Benefits at a glance

Flexible at any time thanks to low code: Simply make adjustments yourself 
Overview of visitors in the building, including check-in and check-out times 
Quick to deploy: Achieve rapid digitization successes
Universally usable: as a stand-alone solution or in combination with other modules
Simplification of the entire visitor management 







brixxbox ERP visitor management software functions

Manage visits simply


✓ One solution, complete visitor management under control 
✓ Capture and manage your visitor data completely digitally.  
✓ Scalable and fully customizable 

Digital control of visitors

Whether short-term or long-term visit: With the brixxbox Nevo module for visitor management, you simplify the entire processes around the management of suppliers, guests and non-company persons. Prepare a very personal, professional welcome for your visitors.

Super easy to use - even mobile

One advantage of the brixxbox software is the high flexibility with simultaneous simplicity. For example, link the visitor management with a tablet including a digital signature! 
Let your visitors enter their data into the visitor management software themselves, for example, in order to receive their visitor's pass or badge afterwards.


✓ Flexible use for different purposes 
✓ Also mobile usable incl. digital signature  
✓ Flexible adaptable at any time  


✓ Highly customizable and scalable 
✓ Easily customize the software at any time according to your needs 
✓ Simple visitor management 

Special requests can be easily taken into account

Why make your visitor management and registration processes more complicated than they need to be? Take advantage of the flexible visitor management software and simplify all processes in your company by simply adapting the software completely to your individual needs.

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