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brixxbox Low-Code: The following references and user reports from various companies of different sizes and from different industries show how individually and effectively the brixxbox facilitates everyday work and increases productivity.

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Current WetterOnline project report:


software für rechnungen-1


Requirement and implementation:

In order to reposition itself, WetterOnline is renewing its software landscape. The aim is to continue to follow the company's philosophy in the future and to act quickly, securely and in a future-oriented manner for its customers. The requirement here was clear: the change should be uncomplicated so that there are no downtimes in invoicing and the business partners have virtually no points of contact with the change.

In particular, the cross-location processes:

  • Campaign billing
  • Billing of services and merchandise
  • Automatic consideration of foreign currency and reverse charge procedure
  • Automatic multilingualism for outgoing documents
  • Digital receipt dispatch and archiving
  • Bidirectional communication with the Diamant Software financial accounting system

should be optimized.


Following joint project implementation with our partner Diamant Software, all project goals were achieved. WetterOnline now has a modern and future-proof software landscape.


Frank Thies (Head of Financial Accounting and Project Manager) Quote:

"Our company processes are quite individual and have never really fitted into standard software solutions. With brixxbox and Diamant Software, we have now been able to implement all processes as desired. And should we need further changes in the future, I already know that this will be possible quickly and easily with 'brixxbox'."


More Testimonials

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"The brixxbox Nevo modules offer all the functionalities you need to get started. You can simply get started out of the box without having to worry too much about integration into the existing IT system and add functions if necessary."
Guido Franken
CEO Franken
"Our company processes are quite individual and somehow never really fitted into standard software solutions. With brixxbox, the software finally adapts 100% to our processes, not the other way around."
Dirk Jansen
CEO Jansen
„Wir haben uns für brixxbox entschieden, weil wir mit anderen etablierten Softwarelösungen schnell an unsere Grenzen gekommen sind. Von Anfang an hat uns die hohe Flexibilität gefallen. brixxbox wächst mit unseren Herausforderungen einfach mit.“
Jan Wokittel
CEO 4-Check
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