Low-Code Platform: Software for ERP-Systems?


Low-code for ERP-Systems (platforms) makes application development easier and more flexible - at the same time! Sounds like a contradiction, but it's a real revolution: With low-code development, you create applications on a graphical user interface and save millions of lines of code. In fact, you can even get started without any programming knowledge at all!

This also brings us full circle to the question "What is low-code?": After all, the "low" indicates the necessary skill level in programming. The hurdle is correspondingly low: Even for complex applications such as full-blown ERP, merchandise management and CRM systems, basic knowledge of the scripting and database languages JavaScript and SQL is sufficient.

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When consultants develop applications

These are the advantages of low-code


With low-code, anyone can become an application developer. And more potential developers mean fewer dependencies. Whether it's on the appropriate specialists in your own company or on planning and availability at partners. Instead of hoping that the latter will integrate the customer's desired function into the application in time, with low-code you simply do it yourself - regardless of whether you are a consultant, project manager or UX designer. And because the whole thing is so fast, you can even keep your actual position in the company in the process!

But your independence with low-code goes one step further: When you develop applications yourself, you free yourself from the shackles of any standard software! With low-code, your applications are created in the spirit of individualization: You digitize exactly those processes that you or your customer need - and ONLY those! This way you cover individual requirements 100%. Outsourced processes in Excel are a thing of the past, as are excess functions that unnecessarily inflate your application and make it difficult to use.

The revolution of application development

Advantages of Low-Code at a glance


Development with low-code combines the advantages of standard and individual software without adopting their disadvantages. In detail, this results in quite a few advantages. Thus, applications and development with low-code are ...



With low-code, anyone can become an application developer with basic IT affinity and a healthy level of process understanding.



The development time is shortened enormously: Thus you implement new requirements quickly and release updates in record time!/p>



Full process coverage without special programming and subsystems: With low-code, your applications can do exactly what they are supposed to do - no more, no less, and always really well.



Gone are the days when you had to rely on the support of the software manufacturer. Because now you are the one. Bye-bye, standard software!



Independent, but not disconnected: Via various interfaces, you enable mutual data exchange between your and other applications!



Despite all the advantages, you don't limit yourself with low-code: Your applications grow with your requirements.




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Success with the right platform

Your way to low-code development

You would like to use the advantages of low-code? Then you need a corresponding development environment; a so-called "low-code platform". With brixxbox, you have found such a platform. And the only one that offers solutions for all application areas: No matter whether it should be a small, stand-alone application, an add-on solution or, an enterprise application. Benefit from all the advantages described on this page and develop your applications with Brixxbox: brick by brick according to a graphical building block principle - low-code at its best.

Standard & Individual software vs. low-code with brixxbox

How Low Code compares

IT consulting and market research firm Gartner predicts: by 2023, more than 50% of large enterprises will use a low-code solution as one of their strategic application platforms. Not surprising when you compare low-code with the alternatives:

Standard-Software Low-Code with brixxbox Individual-Software
Basic principle
Process coverage
∅ 80%
Interface connection
Depending on system & partner
Very elaborate
Cumbersome and complex
Always possible
Always possible
Depending on software
Always up to date
Additional costs
Customizing / updates / maintenance / support
Implementation period
Depending on the scope of individual adjustments
Fast thanks to modular system and direct implementation by Citizen Developer
Devices & operating systems
Depending on software
fully flexible
Depending on programming
Very high - because users are involved
Depending on programming

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