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Get a better result with less time by implementing business applications with brixxbox! It doesn't matter if you are a programmer, IT consultant or both: With brixxbox's graphical user interface, you can create modern, cloud-based applications module by module: from simple web forms to full-blown ERP systems. You also implement change requests directly yourself - without time-consuming briefings, correction loops and dependence on third parties. And you don't pay any commission: All service revenue goes to you!

Flying instead of running

Noticeably faster to the goal


Especially when time is money, you would like to have more of it, right? While brixxbox can't extend your day, the next best thing: With brixxbox you can get more done in the same amount of time! Or the same amount of work in less time - whichever you prefer. The trick behind it is quite simple: brixxbox makes supposedly mandatory steps in application development obsolete. Using a graphical user interface and a catchy, simplified JavaScript-based programming language, you easily implement customer requirements yourself instead of briefing a software vendor.


Implementation directly with the customer

Properly independent at last


This not only eliminates time-consuming briefings. You also save time when implementing enhancements and updates. With brixxbox, you can go directly from the customer's request to the custom-fit application: Instead of taking a detour via software manufacturers, realize professional business applications completely by yourself from now on. So entfallen nicht nur zeitaufwendige Briefings. Sie sparen auch Zeit bei der Umsetzung von Erweiterungen und Updates. Your customers will also notice the difference: Since you can cover processes and requirements with brixxbox 100% accurately and consequently to their complete satisfaction, the probability of follow-up orders increases automatically.


Strikingly better

Ahead of the competition


With brixxbox you stand out from the crowd of freelancers! Since you deliver the implementation directly in addition to the consulting, your customers get what they need faster. Even better: While others are still fiddling with process diagrams and mock-ups, you already present a functional prototype! This means you can identify and fix potential problems before version 1.0 - not in an update. What's the catch? In the "Customer satisfaction" checkbox!

So that your focus is entirely on the solution

How you also benefit from brixxbox


Commission free

You only pay for the brixxbox basic licenses: The revenue for consulting and implementation remains 100% with you.



If processes become more complex or your application needs to accommodate more data and users - no problem. Your applications are freely scalable!



All data is encrypted behind a firewall on Microsoft servers and backed up multiple times.

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All this sounds too good to be true? We would be happy to convince you personally of the possibilities and advantages of application development with Low-Code and brixxbox - in a free online demonstration with consultation.