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Low code platform: Interview with brixxbox founder Stephan Krage


Hückelhoven, 01.12.2020 If you want to survive in times of Covid-19, there's no getting around the digitalization of your processes. The problem is that companies often do not have the necessary capacities to take care of the "process digitization" construction site. With the new Business Low Code platform brixxbox, all company processes can be digitalized with minimal effort for the IT department using self-configured applications - quickly, easily and highly flexibly. But what is behind the brixxbox? We asked Stephan Krage, founder of Brixxbox GmbH.

Editorial team: Mr. Krage, how did you come up with the idea for the brixxbox?

Stephan Krage: As a developer, consultant, project manager and division manager, I have already implemented countless IT projects in small and large companies in the past. I always used tried-and-tested standard systems, which by their very nature could never fully map the individual company processes. This in turn meant that the project was always unnecessarily drawn out and additional costs were incurred for the customer because the desired functions had to be completely reprogrammed. This was very frustrating in the long run. I thought to myself: "There must be an easier way." - The idea for the brixxbox was born.

Editorial team: What makes the brixxbox low-code platform so special?

Stephan Krage: The basic idea behind the software is simply completely different. Instead of a ready-made program or modules, with Brixxbox we rely on brixxe, i.e. building blocks. The basic principle is "configuration instead of programming". Any IT-savvy person is able to put together their own desired application - no matter how extensive or special - module by module. Virtually any process can be mapped. This makes the configuration of the desired application simple, fast and highly flexible for IT-savvy people. The software can therefore be used at a very simple level - if necessary - or you can go into almost any level of technical depth.

Editorial team: Why do you think the low-code platform brixxbox is a real alternative for companies, especially in today's world?

Stephan Krage: We live in a world that is turning faster and faster. What was true last year no longer has to be relevant this year. A high degree of flexibility - especially when it comes to IT software - is therefore simply a must. In my experience, IT managers are also very frustrated: they are often confronted with a jumble of different (and sometimes inadequate) systems and media disruptions. With the brixxbox, we are finally offering these people a tool with which they can develop fully functional solutions with their own accent in order to optimize their work. The brixxbox is already being used successfully by companies from a wide range of sectors and of all sizes - and is consistently inspiring.

Editorial team: So is the brixxbox only of interest to the IT departments of larger companies?

Stephan Krage: No, the brixxbox is actually suitable for any IT-savvy person who is looking for a quick and easy way to flexibly implement their own ideas for an application. The tool is also perfect for freelancers, for example, who are looking for an efficient solution for their tasks or simply want to work more efficiently. That's the genius of it: with the brixxbox you finally free yourself from the chains of standard software and are simply completely flexible!

Editorial team: How do you proceed if you want to use the brixxbox?

Stephan Krage: On the website www.brixxbox.net, anyone interested has the opportunity to test the software for 30 days free of charge, create their first applications and try them out. Videos and comprehensive documentation provide support during the initial configuration phase. If you don't want to start "from scratch", you can select a desired application from a range of templates and start directly.

Editorial team: Thank you for the interview.

The interview was conducted by Annika Fleuren.